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Giving Back! old

With each purchase from Deckers Dog Supplies we will be donating a portion of the sale to a non profit animal organization.  Your purchase will help us to be able to give to the organizations that work so hard every day to touch the lives of homeless and abused animals.  We are very excited to work with rescues and animal shelters to be able to give back with your help. 
For August and September we have Ruff Life Dog Rescue and Fur Fun Rescue! We love being able to support any and all nonprofits and are very happy to be giving back to them! Below is a little info on both of these nonprofits! if you don't know much about them, we also have their website and socials so please go give them a follow and take a look through their website as well!

Ruff Life Dog Rescue

Ruff Life Dog Rescue has a focus on helping dogs find families to adopt. They also try to focus on keeping those dogs healthy and happy prior to adoption with vet care and foster homes!  Here is their mission statement:

The mission of Ruff Life Dog Rescue of Illowa

is to provide the highest quality of care to the animals we welcome into rescue.  We do this by providing:

  • Loving, responsible foster homes that have been fully vetted to ensure the safety and happiness of the animals and humans living in the home

  • Necessary vet care with local veterinary partners and specialists

  • A responsible adoption process to ensure safe loving furever homes

  • A lifelong commitment to always be there for an animal after he/she is accepted into rescue.

  • Transparent operating procedures

Below are their socials and website, give them a look! They have photos of some of the animals that you may be able to adopt yourself!
We are thankful to give back to Ruff Life to help their dogs more, please give their website and facebook a look for anyway you can help!

Fur Fun Rescue 

Fur Fun focuses on getting dogs into their forever homes. They are always looking for volunteers for fostering dogs while they wait for adoption, below is their mission:

"Fur Fun Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, foster-based dog rescue centered in Eastern Iowa and founded in September 2014. Our goal is to match dogs in need, fosters who care, and homes that are looking for the perfect addition.


Fur Fun relies on the help of volunteers and fosters who are willing to open their hearts and homes to dogs waiting to find their furever homes.  At any given time we have between 40 and 60 dogs in our care.  Most of our dogs have come from overcrowded shelters and are in danger of being euthanized.  We also take dogs from owners who can no longer keep their dog and local stray dogs.  In our care all dogs are given rabies and parvo/distemper vaccinations, are microchipped, spayed or neutered and heartworm tested.  We also address any other medical needs they might have.  Our dedicated foster homes work with the dogs on basic home manners and obedience.  When our dogs are ready to find their forever homes, we match them with carefully screened adopters so they are never homeless again.


We are financially supported by private donations and adoption fees.  We do not get any funds from any government contracts and we do not pay any salaries.  All of our funds go to support our dogs.  We are grateful to our donors and their continued support of Fur Fun Rescue so we can continue to save more lives. "

Below are their socials and website, give them a look! They have photos of some of the animals that you may be able to adopt yourself!