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Giving Back!

With each purchase from Deckers Dog Supplies we will be donating a portion of the sale to a non profit animal organization.  Your purchase will help us to be able to give to the organizations that work so hard every day to touch the lives of homeless and abused animals.  We are very excited to work with rescues and animal shelters to be able to give back with your help. 
For July, August, and September we have Hunt Hill Sanctuary and Natures Edge Therapy Center! We love being able to support any and all nonprofits and are very happy to be giving back to them! Below is a little info on both of these nonprofits! if you don't know much about them, we also have their website and socials so please go give them a follow and take a look through their website as well!

Hunt Hill Sanctuary

A little different from our usual entries we have teamed up with a nature sanctuary. At the end of the day we loves any and all animals living their best lives and supporting mother nature around us. below is alittle about them and their socials, take a look at their website and give their other socials a look!
"Hunt Hill is a nature preserve and learning center, open to all, dedicated to fostering the understanding, appreciation, and protection of the environment. Our facility boasts some of the most beautiful and unique habitats found in Wisconsin – bogs, old growth forests, meadow, and four glacial lakes.
In addition to our beautiful natural surrounds, we offer a variety of programs for visitors of all ages. Programs like Cakes at the Lake, Soup Lunch, and naturalist-led hikes can add more to your next visit. Local school groups, youth day camps, and evenings of canoeing are just a few additional programs we offer."



Natures Edge Therapy Center


Another new addition to our family of donations is another new and exciting addition. Natures edge focus is to incorporate therapy and animals. They focus on helping their patients be independent with work with many different therapy animals. Below is more about them and their socials, give them a look!


"Nature’s Edge Therapy Center, Inc. was founded in June 2001, with the mission of providing more effective, innovative therapeutic treatment for patients with special needs.

Initially, the center provided only speech and language therapy three days a week.  In the spring of 2002, Nature’s Edge became a full-time rehabilitation center, operating five days a week and expanding its services to include physical and occupational therapy."