About Us

We, Bobby, Lisa, Decker, and Jax started Deckers Dog Supplies in 2017 and we launched our first products in 2020.  We are definitely learning along the way and appreciate all of you joining us for our journey.  Our small business is just getting started but we have big plans ahead.  We are working on multiple toy ideas along with some other dog items that will launch along the way.  We understand all toys are not for all types of dogs, but we will do our best to have multiple toys in the future to offer something for everyone.   We wanted to launch a business that we all enjoyed and also wanted to be able to Give Back.  An important piece of starting this business was being able to also help with donations to the organizations that are working every day to make a difference in animals lives.  Decker and Jax are part of our family and being able to see them play with the toys we have created is super exciting for us and we are excited to be able to share them with all of you.