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Giving Back! old.

With each purchase from Deckers Dog Supplies we will be donating a portion of the sale to a non profit animal organization.  Your purchase will help us to be able to give to the organizations that work so hard every day to touch the lives of homeless and abused animals.  We are very excited to work with rescues and animal shelters to be able to give back with your help. 

For February and March we have WildThunder W.A.R.S. and Animal Welfare Friends! We love being able to support any and all nonprofits and are very happy to be giving back to them! Below is a little info on these nonprofits! if you don't know much about them, we also have their website and socials so please go give them a follow and take a look through their website as well!

WildThunder W.A.R.S.   

A little different than most of our nonprofits, WildThunder focus is on wildlife animals. Just like our love for our own pets all animals need love and attention.  Here is their mission:



"At Wildthunder W.A.R.S., we work with multiple species of injured and orphaned wildlife; these animals include reptiles, bats, raptors, and mammals as well as exotic animals. We do this voluntarily, out of pocket and on donations."



They still have a place to look at adopting on their website but you can also donate to them to help those wildlife animals. 


Below are their socials and website, give them a look! 






 Animal Welfare Friends 

Animal Welfare friends is a local Iowa welfare center. They focus on rescue and pet care and adoption. Here is their Philosophy:


"From our beginning, we’ve been driven to establish an organization that balances rescuing and caring for animals with educating the humans on whom these animals rely for a peaceful, safe and healthy life. The decisions we make daily, and the programs we offer, reflect this philosophy."


Here is a link to their socials, go check them out!