Giving Back!

With each purchase from Deckers Dog Supplies we will be donating a portion of the sale to a non profit animal organization.  Your purchase will help us to be able to give to the organizations that work so hard every day to touch the lives of homeless and abused animals.  We are very excited to work with rescues and animal shelters to be able to give back with your help. 
For February, March, and April we have some new additions in HSNWIA and Animal Lifeline of Iowa! We love being able to support any and all nonprofits and are very happy to be giving back to them! Below is a little info on both of these nonprofits! if you don't know much about them, we also have their website and socials so please go give them a follow and take a look through their website as well!


A new addition, Humane Society of Northwest Iowa! They strive to help any and all animals and provide assistance and housing for any pets they can help. Below is their mission statement and their socials, give them a look!


"The Humane Society of Northwest Iowa is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal shelter that proudly serves Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, O'Brien and Osceola counties. Our mission is to promote the ethical and humane treatment of all animals, as well as provide care, housing, and rehabilitation for animals in need while they are with us and promote responsible pet ownership by educating on the importance of spaying or neutering animals."




Animal Lifeline of Iowa


Animal Lifeline of America focuses on animals that disabled and aim to help them anyway possible. From animals with injuries to animals with medical issues and any in-between they focus to help these animals feel loved and live a happy life. Below is their mission statement and their socials, give them a look!

"Animal Lifeline of Iowa (ALI), founded in 1986 outside of Carlisle, Iowa, is Central Iowa’s only special needs, no-kill animal shelter, celebrating nearly 40 years of serving the Des Moines area and all of Iowa. We rescue cats and dogs that are injured, handicapped, have a serious medical condition, are abused, are pregnant, are nursing moms, or are orphans that require bottle feeding. We rehabilitate the animals, who run a higher risk of euthanasia in a traditional shelter setting and then adopt them into loving forever homes. Animals are not euthanized because they have been at the shelter for a certain length of time."